Taking the Plunge


I’m taking the plunge.

For a number of years God has placed a tenderness in my heart for young women and young mothers. I suppose that’s because I once was one, although it doesn’t seem that long ago. All too vividly I remember the struggle I felt when I see a mother flush with embarrassment over her toddler’s outburst in the grocery store, or hear her infant’s wail midst a particularly poignant moment in worship service. I remember feeling the slight twinge of jealousy as the mother of a six week old infant bounced in perfectly coiffed, manicured and as fit as an athletic trainer while my 6 month old perfumed my elastic waist jogging pants (no, not even cute yoga pants) with the fragrance of spoiled milk and a soggy diaper.  I remember the struggle of trying to dress an independent toddler and a fussy infant for church and crying out, “God if you want us to go to church, could you give me a little help here!”

I remember. And immediately I want to embrace this young woman and assure her. . .

“You are just fine. In fact you are great. Your baby is a wonderful gift so embrace every moment. Savor each day because all too quickly, these moments pass into another, and another, and another. Don’t compare yourself or your baby to anyone else because this is your unique wonderfully made miracle from God.”

Not only did God place this tenderness in my heart, for some reason known only to Him, He has compelled me to share my heart with you via this blog. I can’t reach out to all of you and physically hug you with reassurance but perhaps my words can provide some bits of wisdom and encouragement. Perhaps I can share a tip or idea that will ease your daily chores and brighten your home and your outlook. And just maybe I can help you with a few simple recipes that are affordable and delicious without requiring ingredients that can’t be found at the local grocery. I pray that you discover some tiny morsels along this path that will enrich your journey as a young woman (and young is a relative term.) I will share observations based upon not just my experiences as a mother, but my experiences of God’s faithfulness. We spend far too much time making life even more difficult than it is; competition, envy, unrealistic expectations and a distorted vision of a fulfilling life make life more like a chore.

With God’s grace and direction, I desire to bring  joy, light and much hope to you. Join me as we celebrate the fact that there is nothing ordinary or lackluster about your life. Whatever your current situation, you can have an abundant life. You alone were chosen for this time and this place. Embrace your call. Let’s take the plunge together.

In His grace,


“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”  John 10:10 NASB


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