About Mimi

Vacation 2010 085I’m “Mimi” to three delightful granddaughters, ages 8 and two (yes two) four year olds. We welcomed our first grandson into the family this summer.  Our “grands” are indeed a reward given by God for surviving parenthood with some degree of sanity.

My earthly rock is my hubby. I am honored to call him mine and corny as it may sound, I really do love him more with each passing year. We are both recently retired (early) and it has been delightful spending more time together. In addition to us previously working full time jobs, we also farm. So now he only has one full-time job instead of two which gives him a little extra time for his favorite job – spoiling the grands.

As a born-again, Jesus loving guy – he is very supportive as I try to respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit, even when it may seem a little out of the box. Like my blog. But he is always my encourager and and faithful prayer warrior. He’s a ‘tell it like it is guy” especially when it comes to God’s Word. (Just ask his Sunday School class.) But I love his honesty and sincerity.

I’m the mom of a son and daughter that have gifted me with memorable moments; many I love re-living and a few I’d just as soon forget. If you’ve been a parent more than 4 weeks, you should already appreciate that statement. They are a source of my inspiration, although I think they may find that statement shocking. But they constantly amaze me. I thought kids stopped amazing you after they graduated high school. But no, it just keeps coming. They are a source of delight and at times, anxiety. Hey, I’m a parent and you just need to accept it never goes away.

I’ve loved the Lord for a long time. I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t talk to Him even before I was an “official” Christian. I can remember talking to him just as if He was standing there in front of me. Notice I said I DID the talking. I didn’t do a lot of listening until further down the road. But God is patient. He just waited until I decided to stop talking and listen for while. It’s amazing, He does speak. Maybe not always in that audible voice some folks hear. But there’s no mistaking it’s Him. It is my joy and honor to love and serve Him. I make a bunch of mistakes, but I talk to Him about it, tell Him I’m sorry and He typically impresses upon me something like, “Let’s try something different next time.” So while I’m no trained theological scholar, I am an avid student of the Bible. I would love to share some of the wonderful things He has taught me. Life is good. Life with God is awesome.

In His Grace,


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