Protecting the Nest

One of the many pleasures of Spring is the return of bluebirds to their homes. From my office window their birdhouse is plainly in view and the activity is high as they spruce up their homes for a new season of babies.

But all is not bliss.


Working just as feverishly is a family of starlings that desires to take over the home and at the very least to prevent the bluebirds from housing their family in it. Sometimes we have to take a rather “aggressive” approach to insuring the poachers aren’t successful. While the bluebirds are territorial and can stand their own in a dispute, many times they are outnumbered. The happy couple is often blindsided by attacks from behind and beside while fending off what is in front of them. We simply try to equalize the odds.

That’s the way of life. We turn our backs to address one issue and unbeknownst to us, an equally devious plot is unfolding beside us – often disguised as something acceptable or even good. We would never expose our children to pornography or intentionally feed them a toxic diet. But we are often unaware of the poison (oh so prettily disguised) that streams to them through television – even on “children’s programming.” Commercials that now portray children masquerading as adults has recently become a prevailing theme. Adults may find them cute, but our children are receiving yet another seductive message that adults have more fun and more power so HURRY and become one. Dress like adults, pose like adults, behave like adults.  “So long,” to embracing childhood.

The threat comes not only though television or social media. The threat can enter when we are simply unaware of what is happening in and around us. Like those dedicated bluebirds, they are so determined to protect their home by attacking what they can see in front of them that they don’t notice anything else. Frequently they retreat thinking they have bested the attacker all while a poacher has quietly invaded the home and taken over the nest.

Occasionally we need outside help to ‘equalize’ the situation. A trusted friend that has the eyes to see things we cannot see. Someone who has our back and is willing to not just step in but “speak the truth in love”. Are we willing to be that person for a friend? Are we willing to sound the alarm? Are we willing to receive the warning for ourselves? We must protect our nest. ‘The thief comes to to steal, kill and destroy; Jesus came that we might have life – and have it abundantly.’

In His grace,


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