MC’s Bunny Cake

It’s funny how some things become a family tradition. It may be that you never intended to create a tradition, but time and love speak otherwise. What began as a fun activity to share with my one year old granddaughter has blossomed into a full blown Easter tradition. The creation of the Bunny Cake.

2011 Bunny Cake.
2011 Bunny Cake
2015 Bunny Cake - notice the variation of ears from year to year!
2015 Bunny Cake – notice the variation of ears from year to year!

I can scarcely believe that this year we make our 7th Bunny Cake. Her skill and level of active participation have certainly grown with the passing of time. Her contribution to the first cake consisted primarily of throwing sprinkling coconut on the frosted bunny. Year by year as she grows, so does her impact on the cake. She could probably do most of it by herself now but she won’t. Instead, she will recite to me the various steps and ask me to recall our first bunny experience. She will assist with the cutting, the assembling and the frosting. But her favorite part is still – throwing the coconut! My favorite part? Without doubt, just spending the time with her, retelling our bunny cake stories, and seeing the joy in her eyes as a bunny emerges from pieces of cake, frosting and coconut.

Tradition isn’t about doing more. It’s about choices, priorities and the celebration of life. What are some of your family traditions? You don’t have to create something new. And it certainly doesn’t have to be perfect! (MC said this year’s bunny looks a lot like a VW bug!) Celebrate every day life. Celebrate the moment.

Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary simply by doing them with the right people.

Nicholas Sparks.


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