Easter Tablescapes!

Part of the562 joy of Easter is the tradition involved in the celebration.

A risen Savior means a new beginning, a blessed hope, the beginning of transformation in us and in nature. While many have chosen to disregard the traditions of the “Easter frock” most of my beloved church family continues it, especially with the children. In the era of wearing casual clothing to worship, it is delightful to see something extra special on Resurrection Sunday!  There are Easter programs, egg hunts, special songs, Easter baskets, pretty dresses, pastel ties, and new Spring shoes!

During MC’s routine checkup this week, the nurse asked her, “Well, what will you do on Easter?” Without missing a beat she replied, “We go to church and then WE FEAST!”  Tradition brings out favorite menus and recipes that are special to members of the family. The food preparation is a joy but the highlight for me is preparing the table(s) for our guests. It gives me the opportunity to express (in my own quirky creativity) my gratitude for the blessed celebration. I love sharing these sacred days with family and friends – or as my daughter lovingly refers to them, “framily.”

  • My main rule for any tablescape: use what you have. Granted, over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of dishes and “stuff”. I try to be intentional about what I purchase, choosing only dishes, tablecloths, trinkets that are multi-purpose (and on sale.) If you stick around, you’ll see some of these objects used over and over, just with different themes and settings.
  • The second rule: tell the story. If it’s a sacred day of celebration, use your decor to visually speak the message. Secular holidays and just for fun get-togethers deserve the same attention. Give a nod to the event and then just make folks feel comfortable. I’m not about over-the-top centerpieces or elaborate flower arrangements. Things that are too staged and demand too much attention seem to put folks off – at least they do me. I worry that I’ll spill something, or knock things over. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee I will – just ask the hubby.

Take a peek at our Easter tables from 2014. They are not elaborate, but they speak to the risen Savior, a new beginning, a new life.

Easter 2015


Table 2

Tip - buy inexpensive chargers in bulk, then spray paint them any color you need!

551This table (and the chairs) tell their own story, scars and all. My father-in-law built it 30 years ago for our first child.

The "littles" table.

Now, tell your Easter story.

In His Grace,


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