Let the Sunshine In!

sunshineAfter what seems an interminable winter, the sun is breaking through. I suspect it is no small coincidence that Easter is celebrated just as we are transitioning from the dreariness of cold, gray and gloomy skies to the beauty of freshly emerging wild violets, dogwood blooms and apple trees laden with fragrant blooms. Truly all of earth proclaims the Resurrection of Christ.

As the days begin to warm and the sun shows it face more like a family member than an infrequent visitor; I throw open my windows. On the first days of that newly introduced fresh air, I can almost hear my home breathing deeply and sighing, “Ahhhhhhhh!” Just as our hearts are heavy after a period of loneliness, sickness or grief; the cloistered odor of winter lingers in our homes waiting to be banished by the presence of fresh air and sunshine!  The cure for our hearts, Son shine. The cure for our homes, sunshine.

The arrival of spring (not just according to the calendar but the actual weather) sets me to thinking of new menus and recipes. Although I dearly love the comfort of soups, stews and chili during the colder days; the arrival of warmth brings a craving for freshness. A newly discovered favorite is Lemon Blueberry Bread. It is sunshine in a loaf!

My friends at LiveWellBakeOften.com shared this scrumptious recipe and after discovering it – I can’t stop baking it! (Or eating it.) The true testament – my hubby loves it and he’s a bit picky about “breads.” This one is sweet enough for a dessert but not so sweet to compete with your morning coffee or tea. It literally bursts FRESHness into your mouth! And it is pretty. Blueberry and lemon is a hard combo to beat. So give this recipe a try and get ready for the coming blueberry season. And I can guarantee success; it is a no fail recipe by simply following the directions as written.


So, open up your windows and let the sunshine in, the fresh air flow and the lemon blueberry bread bake! Spring is here.

Open your windows and your hearts.



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