All Because of Abigail’s Plan

It was one of those rare occasions when words simply failed me. For at least five minutes I sat speechless with a lump in my throat the size of a tennis ball.  Hubby and I both sat in silence staring at the television screen, blinking back tears, trying to formulate a sentence but physically unable to speak.

The newscaster was reporting live from the awards ceremony of Buddy Ball, specifically there to focus on the incredible fundraising effort of a small town such as ours. One year ago the precious Kidd family launched a campaign to raise $350,000 for a rubberized surface for the baseball field used for Buddy Ball. The Kidd’s amazing daughter, Abigail was the original source of inspiration to found such a league but this family’s vision extends far beyond the needs of their daughter. Perhaps unknowingly (but I seriously doubt it!) the Kidds have provided our community the opportunity to exemplify the body of Christ, the true church – working together with the common goal of serving one another selflessly out of love. No other motivation, just to serve, to act purposely in considering the needs of another before our own desires.

In slightly less than one year, a miraculous thing happened. The goal was met. Meeting the goal that quickly was never their intent, but almost overnight the dream took on a life powered by what can only be explained as divine intervention. Schools, churches, community clubs, civic organizations, businesses, classrooms, and single individuals began contributing, hosting events, creating posters, filling the airways with publicity and rallying behind the phenomenal cause. Everywhere and everyone in this area talked about Abigail’s Plan and the “Miracle Field”. Such a sensation was created that local news media were frequently found at the Buddy Ball games or fundraising events sponsored by others. It truly was news for nothing of this magnitude in a community this small had ever been seen.

So as the reporter recanted the year long story of just how quickly and amazingly the goal was reached, hubby and I were not alone is choking back our tears. The reporter too struggled to find the words to describe the miraculous happening. As he concluded the interview with Abigail’s parents, Tommy Lee was quick to point out that he never dreamed it would happen this quickly, that he too often “limited God.” What a testimony to each of us. How often have I lifted a specific and earnest petition to God, while in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “This may never happen.”

Our human minds simply cannot conceive of the great love that our Father has for us and it amazes us when He really shows off.  Thanks to Abigail and her family, they gave God the opportunity to really show off by uniting a community in an unprecedented manner. HE empowered us to demonstrate the AWESOME power of Christ’s love. We became the hands and feet that accomplished a mission few would have ever dared to even dream.

Thank you Tommy Lee, Lesa and Abigail. We are a better people, a better community, a better church all because of Abigail’s Plan. Thank you for believing, for loving, and for sharing that with each of us. Thank you for allowing us to participate in the “abundant life.”

In His Grace,



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