Happy Birthday, Mom

The birthday girl’s monogram.

I can scarcely believe it. My mother will be 80 years old when you read this post. Not too long ago I thought that an 80 year old could barely function; that it was incredible for them to even be alive. Watching my mother grow older has taught me much about life and the graciousness of God.

Time may have slowed her a bit, but it has not altered her passion for living. All the things that brought her joy, all the creative talents with which she was blessed, all the humor (and mischief), all her hospitality, all the devotion to God — it’s all still there.  She still drives herself to town almost daily. In fact, if she’s not at the local department store and Arby’s for more than three days out of a week, they’re sending a get well card and a BOLO!

This birthday was one that could not go without special recognition. So despite the fact my two sisters and I live miles (and states) apart, we did some serious planning and came up with what we felt was just the right celebration event for her. Mother IS a southern lady and loves a touch of linen, lace, silver, crystal and a good cup of hot tea. What better way to honor her special day than a Tea Party with a Southern twist!

Granny's bd 164

As with many southern ladies she loves a good chicken salad croissant and a dainty cucumber sandwich. These were featured prominently in the menu along with lemon blueberry bread, fruit salad, assorted cheeses, fruit tea and raspberry lemonade.

Granny's bd 166Granny's bd 161Granny's bd 169Mom’s first name is very unique and begins with the letter “G.” As guests arrived they were asked to think of a word  beginning with “G” that describes her. Good-hearted, Genuine, Godly, Garrulous, Gracious, Gregarious, and Giving are just some of the attributes ascribed to Mother. Sharing of stories that illustrated these traits resulted in much laughter!

We transitioned from funny stories to one of Mom’s very favorite things to do – sing. And there’s nothing she’d rather sing than hymns. As my sister played the piano, our voices blended in sweet harmony unique to southern gospel music. Her favorite food, her favorite songs, favorite people.tea

As they left, guests received a cookie monogrammed with “G” and a custom
designed envelope with a tea bag as a reminder of the day. It was the perfect celebration for a remarkable lady.

Granny's bd 198

And in typical Mom fashion, just a few days later I received a lovely thank you card expressing just how “perfect” was the day. Mom, all I can say is, “Everything I know about hospitality – I learned from you.”

A woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Honor her for all that her hands have done.

Proverbs 31: 30b – 31a

In His Grace,



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