October Sky

This morning while enjoying a walk beneath a perfect October sky; I paused to breathe it in – literally.

I breathed in the aroma,

the sensation of life around me,

the crispness of the air burning so slightly as I inhaled.

Grandchildren's treasures.
Grandchildren’s treasures.

Moments like this overwhelm me. God is powerfully manifested in those moments. Even now reliving them in my memory evokes the same emotion. Looking out the window I can see the wind gently blowing through the rust and gold leaves begging them to let go but many cling tenaciously as if refusing to give way to the coming season. The sky is so blue and clear you can almost see through it like peering to the bottom of a crystal clear stream. Amazing indeed.

Days like this, urge me to sit and be still. To savor every moment because these days are truly fleeting. October may well be the southerner’s reward for enduring summer, but it’s also a forerunner of the bleak days of winter. So today, I sit and savor and breathe in, drinking in each moment of the beauty and wonder surrounding me. It won’t last much longer, not in this particular finery.

And that brings me back to the walk. I shared with God that this work is truly what I consider some of His best. (That and babies.) In these moments nature truly does cry out that God is the Creator. It doesn’t just cry, it screams and roars.

The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his


Day after day they pour forth speech;

night after night they display


There is no speech or language

where their voice is not heard.

Psalm 19: 1 – 3

Yet as beautiful and “perfect” as this day may seem, this season also bring a unique king of longing. A “lonesomeness.” An impression that something or someone is missing. Many folks express a feeling of sadness during this season of grandeur. I don’t feel sadness, rather it is more of a longing or yearning.

Is there something I’m missing? What more could I desire? I’m retired and healthy, I have a godly husband that loves me, a great family and wonderful grandchildren, and both parents are still with me! My heart is indeed filled with gratitude for each of these things. I treasure these blessings and order my days to acknowledge them. Yet still . . . what is that unease within me on this beautiful perfect day? And the words came to me.

This isn’t your real home. You shouldn’t be too comfortable here.

When we go on vacation no matter where, no matter how beautiful, no matter how long I’ve planned and anticipated the trip; very quickly I become homesick, ready to return home. Because no matter how beautiful, restful, refreshing and wonderful a place is – it’s not my home. I think God placed a desire within us for His home, our heavenly home. While he has indeed given us an amazing temporary home (especially in autumn); it isn’t our real home and nothing here will fill that void. During October I think we get a tiny, minuscule glimpse of the beauty and glory that awaits us. Perhaps for you that glimpse is in the spring, but for me – it is October. And that little hint of the beauty is a reminder; the best is yet to come.

Are we getting too comfortable? On those “perfect days” when we think life couldn’t get any better, I fear we have forgotten that it doesn’t get better here. But it DOES get so much better in our heavenly home. Our home is not THIS world and when we become too comfortable for too long, there is a danger that we lose our hunger and thirst for our true home. The expectations and standards established by our culture and promoted by media wrap their fingers around our hearts and mind seducing us with the world’s desires – whose main objective is to sell for profit, not to guard our souls.

Heaven awaits, and Christ assures us it will surpass anything we can imagine. So, don’t get too comfortable. Stop looking for those perfect moments to capture for social media in order to convince yourself that you’ve got it all together. We don’t. These moments are glimpses of the glory we will experience in our true home that awaits us. They are occasions of grace and mercy received in this life while awaiting true perfection. Jesus has already prepared it for us. We won’t have to repaint or decorate; it is ready to enjoy.

As I pondered on this while walking; a scripture came to mind. “Man who is born of woman is short of days and full of trouble.” Job 14:14 In God’s time, our days are brief and yes, there is much trouble that befalls us. But in His mercy He provides us theses glimpses of the glory that await us, so embrace the October sky.

In His Grace,



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